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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Fabric Designs

Hi Everyone
I'd like to share some of the experimental fabric designs we produced on Tuesday at the latest Making Workshop (read back on Tuesday for details). Everyone worked hard and produced lovely designs. We made our own stamps, ink pads and used these to produce the fabric. The stamps worked great and everyone mixed their own colours from acrylic paint and a special home made fabric potion. We added the custom colours to sponge scouring pads and used in the usual way ie as an ink pad.
The final printed fabric will turn into little Christmas trees to be planted into beautiful old plant pots next time. Here is a quick look at some of the designs we produced :



All the designs have moved on a little and next time we will have more opportunities to embellish the formed fabric trees.
I also experimented with a contemporary design using my Gelli plate (see below). I'll make up my trees with added free form embroidery - picking out Christmas images in the design. Not sure how this will turn out but hopefully it will look good.


The Makers embraced this project with lots of enthusiasm and the results are fabulous. I can't wait  to see the final trees.

Thanks for calling in today.