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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Spinning Yarn

Hi Everyone
Great news - I've managed (in a fashion) to produce some knitting yarn. Some weeks ago, I acquired a Drop Spindle and set about trying to spin. Initially, I had mixed results. Most of the time my spindle fell on the floor. However, I've read a little and watched a few You Tube videos and I'm almost there.

The basic spinning process is there but the quality of my final yarn could be improved. I know what to do, so it's about practice. My images above show some of the yarn I produced. I wanted to ply the yarn so have made my first attempt.


Here is my plyed yarn - I've used 2 strands, an undyed wool bat (the natural white) and some hand dyed (indigo) wool as well as a small amount of orange felting material. 
I'm hoping to add a little more of the coloured stuff to the final spun yarn and will then knit up a sample - not sure what to knit with the new yarn ?  but I want to see how it knits up. 

Thanks for calling in today.