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Monday, 21 November 2016

Knitting Workshop

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing a fabulous experience from the weekend. I attended a knitting workshop at my local knitting group studio. The idea behind the workshop was to produce a practice swatch for a pair of Filey Mits (by Alison Moreton), part of her Yorkshire Shore book. Alison led the masterclass herself, which dealt with 3 needle cast off,Afterthought technique, short row decreases and making tiny buttonholes. The idea was to practice these techniques in preparation to knit the Filey Mits. 
Our swatch used plain garter stitch but the actual Mits pattern is a highly textured knit with lots of pattern going on. I learned lots at the workshop and was hugely inspired to start my Filey Mits when I got home.
Here is a look at my swatch (below) that I made at the workshop. I added a few buttons to finish off my little practice Mit, it's too small for me to wear but I will keep it for reference.
I've made progress with the first Mit (left hand) and have knitted about 8cms of pattern - will share later in the week.


I usually struggle with knitting detailed surface pattern for any length of time but am determined to get this one right. I love the lovely colour of the yarn - Dovestone DK in Chevin. It's going Ok so far.

Thanks for calling in today.