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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Cake Toppers Galore

Hi Everyone
I've another cake topper to share today, this time it's a Penguin. I had hoped to complete a Rudolph figure too but it didn't happen ! For some reason, the Penguin took ages to get together. I'm not sure why it proved so difficult  ?  I couldn't seem to get the basic shape and proportions right. I was trying to create something which resembled a true penguin shape. The correct penguin shape didn't quite work with the scarf and the hat - in the end, I settled for a bit of a neck area which isn't quite right, for a penguin ! However, I think my final character works well as a cake topper.

On reflection, perhaps, the penguin could have slightly smaller lips ? but it does give him a slightly comic appearance - which is exactly what I need from my cake topper character. The penguin will also get a couple of candy canes to complete his role on the top of my cake (almost ready to be made).
I'm planning to complete the topper collection later today. The last figure will be Rudolph. 
Tomorrow, I'm hoping to do a final photo call for the toppers. I need a little story for the cake display, I'll spend some time thinking about that while I go about my work today. I'm sure there will be additional props required for the final cake performance.
Final plans will be revealed tomorrow.

Thanks for calling in today.