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Friday, 11 November 2016

Fabric Trees

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing an update on the Fabric Tree Project.
 Earlier this week, I worked on a little tree embroidery - version B below. I wanted to keep the fabric relatively minimal but have added a little gold bling (which shines at night). The message tape - Merry Christmas makes a statement on one side and I'm happy with the outcome.


Tree A will get some little bead embellishment when I've stitched and stuffed the tree.
Ive machine stitched tree B and am hand stitching tree A -  the tree shapes make machine stitching a little tricky and although I've given the pattern a 1 cm seam I found the shape difficult to navigate.
When stuffed the trees 'come to life'. I love the padded effect and am ready to plant my first tree. I have some twigs (for the tree stump) and a lovely old terracotta pot to plant into. The 'soil' will be newspaper and I will scatter the surface of the pot with some leaves or little twigs.


I will make a few more trees (after my A and B samples) and alter the size of each one. More photos from the project next week.

Thanks for calling in today and have a great weekend.