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Thursday, 10 November 2016

More Spinning News

Hi Everyone
I've a little news update re my recent drop spinning project. The first attempt at a plyed yarn has been knitted up into a simple ribbed sample. It's actually quite attractive. I love the colour mix and it knits up well. I'm not sure (exactly) how much yarn I produced with my first batch but it's not much when knitted up !!! I need to make some more.


I thought the first batch was a bit messy and rather uneven but my skill level has improved hugely and I now understand how to produce a more consistent yarn. I find the process very satisfying and quite relaxing. 
I've started making more yarn to continue with my knitted sample.

 I'm not sure what I'm knitting ? I think it would make a great chunky sweater but I'm not sure ? What is certain, my new yarn is SO much better. I've managed to produce a stronger and consistent yarn. I think the final, plyed yarn will be much improved. I'm hoping the new yarn will blend appropriately with the knitted sample.

Thanks for calling in today.