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Monday, 28 November 2016

New Tools

H Everyone
I'm sharing a great new tool today. It's a wooden Yarn Swift. The Yarn Swift  has been a joint effort between my big boy and my lovely husband. Excitingly, we have acquired a wood lathe and there are so many possibilities !!
All the materials from the wood to the cotton for the bag and the yarn for the string have been recycled from stuff in our stash. Somehow,  this recycling element is very satisfying.



 All elements of the yarn swift have also been handcrafted - from the wooden bits to the I- cord for the bag ! All the pieces dismantle and fit into a simple cotton draw string bag - I made the bag. The tool is lovely and a pleasure to use. All the moving bits slot together beautifully and once the yarn is attached, the swift spins with a very smooth action.
I've been needing a yarn swift for a while, it's key to making my yarn dying work as well as turning yarn skeins into balls of wool for knitting or crochet. The only thing missing is the winder part of the process. I've ordered this little machine and it should arrive today. Sadly, the winder is made of plastic and isn't especially aesthetically pleasing. I'll share an action scene when all the bits have arrived.
There is talk of making a wooden version ! Fingers crossed.

Thanks for calling in today.