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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Welcome Rudolph

Hi Everyone
Rudolph has arrived. 
Finally, I have my family of Christmas Cake Toppers. Rudolph happened quite easily ! after the trauma of the penguin (read yesterday for details). 


Rudolph has a carrot and a great set of antlers (quite tricky to make) and here is an image of the toppers - all together, waiting for their cake !


I mentioned yesterday, coming up with a story for my little characters. I've decided on the names of each character and and I've also decided on a scenario for the final cake display. 
The snowman with the red hat will be called Kevin. The snowman with the blue hat is Frank, the penguin is Jeremy and obviously Santa is 'Santa' and the reindeer is Rudolph. All the guys will be placed around a little pond in a forest (on top of the cake). I think I need to make some extra props, I have  a carrot and a few candy canes but I'm thinking presents and possibly a little fishing rod and maybe a fish or two ? My story is about preparing for Christmas, so each character will have a role of  making something relevant for a Christmas feast with Santa.

My next task in this project is to get the cake made. I will mock up a cake top (as if it's iced) on card and place the chartacters - this will give me an idea of the extra props I'm going to need. More on this next week.

Thanks for calling in today.