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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

More New Tools

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing another new tools set today (see yesterday for more). Technically my tools are not NEW......... but I have new 'HANDCRAFTED' handles which have been fitted to an existing set of small files. The files, originally, were a bit unpleasant to hold - just a thin metal extension of the file (no handle to speak of). The files 'sans' handles often made dirty marks on my hands, dust/shavings from filing ! Not a good experience.

The new handles have been made by lovely husband (second time I've mentioned this in two days) with the new lathe machine. The new handles make my files into completely different things - so lovely to use. Something to treasure.


My first job with the new tools was to file the holes in the centre of a set of doughnut beads for a new project. The holes needed to be enlarged slightly and centred in the bead before finishing and stringing. What a pleasure to take one of the files and make something with it !!

Also, another joy - the wood for the handles came from our garden. A little piece of Eucalyptus tree.

Thanks for calling in today.