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Friday, 25 November 2016

Filey Mitts

Hi Everyone
After a very busy week, I've a little progress to share re my current knitting project. I've not had much time for knitting but have been working for a small time each evening on the project from last weekends knitting workshop. 
I've had a lovely time with the pattern. It's quite tricky to knit this one and watch TV (and not make mistakes !!!!) However, although I've pulled out a few rows, mainly I've done OK. The pattern isn't difficult but it uses lots of different patterned rows giving lovely textures. If there is a mistake, it's very obvious - so not mistakes allowed.
During my workshop last weekend, I knitted a sample so I'm fine with the techniques required for this pattern. This has given me a new sense of confidence. I think, prior to the workshop, I would probably have thought the pattern would be too tricky for me.


I've completed the main part of the left mitt and am ready for completing the seam. The next part requires an afterthought thumb (see the pink thread in the image) I'm thinking about making the other mitt before I make the thumb parts on both mitts.

Have a great weekend.
Thanks for calling in.