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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Growing Fabric Trees

Hi Everyone
Here is a peak at my how I'm growing  Christmas fabric trees. Last week, we (our local Making Group) started making our own little fabric Christmas trees. We printed a piece of plain fabric with our own handmade stamps and our own handmade ink pads - read back for more details. Now, it's time to grow and plant the fabric trees.
My first task was to shape and cut the fabric. I created a paper pattern, transferred it to my fabric and cut out the tree shapes. These trees are quite quirky but unmistakingly Christmas Trees. I will grow two sample trees with different styles of surface pattern. One of my fabric samples is very rich with shiney golds and reds, the other is more Nordic and simple in design - using simple red and green trees as well as using the blank background of the simple cotton fabric as a feature of the design.


I'm creating additional embellishments on the fabric with free style machining stitches. Small, simple trees will be dotted about the fabric. I'm also thinking about little gems to add sparkle. The fabric trees will be stuffed with polyester wadding and given a tree branch - for a trunk. The finished tree will be planted into a 'weathered' terracotta plant pots. I'll share the finished samples in a few days.

Thanks for calling in.