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Friday, 17 March 2017

All About Buttons

Hi Everyone
My Edinburgh story today is all about 'buttons'. Buttons featured at the top of my planned purchase list before I left for Edinburgh Yarn Festival (read back on Monday for background on the Festival). I wanted a range of buttons for cardigans. I wasn't sure about how many to buy (of same design) but in the end decided eight would be a generous number.  The buttons I found are quite small and may not be suitable for all the cardigans I have planned ? but I do like small buttons and would prefer to have more smaller than fewer larger buttons on my garments. We will see how things work out ? 

I found a great button/pin booth at Edinburgh called Textile Garden. They have a great website too - with all my buttons on there as well as lots more. If I need more larger buttons, I know where to go. I love the buttons and can see them on my finished cardigans already, just need to spin or buy the yarn and then knit, of course !

Each button has a lovely colour finish and I see them being used as a feature of each finished garment. I loved spending ages looking at all the buttons at the Booth. My initial approach was to look for colours and these ones just jumped out at me.

That's almost it for my Edinburgh purchases, however, I've managed to save one last purchase for next week. So, until Monday .........
Thanks for calling in today. Have a great weekend.