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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Sample-along Update (2)

Hi Everyone
I've another update for the 'sample-along' - read back  HERE for more on this. I'd spun,plyed and washed the wool a few days ago. Then, I sat down to think about what I could do with for my knitted sample. I started to use a shared pattern idea for the sample from a generous member of The Tiny Fibre Studio 'sample- along' Ravelry group check it out . However, it wasn't working for me ! I find following a pattern chart a bit challenging. Not sure why ? - I seem to repeatably loose my place and make a mistake, then find myself starting again and again etc. !!!  So, I just thought about what I wanted to see from my own sample in terms of reference for future knits. I chose stitches that I use most of the time and made a sample from rows rather than columns. It's working great for me.


I also wanted to finish the edges with a series of crochet stitches. I use crochet stitches to finish edges with many of my knitting projects and wanted to see how my yarn would behave as a crochet section. I not quite finished the crochet edges and will try and develop something I can share, later today. I want to block the sample too - I'm hoping the different stitches will be showcased post blocking.
I'm quite pleased with my sample so far. I'm also amazed at how even the spinning seems to be. I was a bit disappointed with my plying technique and thought the yarn would be rather weak but it seems not to be the case. Perhaps, I usually 'over ply' my yarn ? More work to go but it's very  pleasing to knit something (at last) from my own yarn, even if it's only a sample.

Thanks for calling in today.