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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Sock Talk

Hi Everyone
I have another Edinburgh Yarn Festival story today. This time, I'm talking about socks. I bought three 50gm skeins of sock yarn, super wash Merino with Nylon (go back to Monday and Tuesday to see other purchases)I've gone for blue/green colours (as usual). 
The colours work beautifully together and I'm  going for a 'striped look' for the finished socks. The choice of colours in the Coop Knits booth was overwhelming at first, I could not decide ! - it took me ages. Looking at the little pile of yarn, I'm very pleased with my choice. The colours are Peridot,Benitoit and Topaz.
I'm going for a new sock pattern design (new to me). I do have a 'made to measure' pattern developed over a few years which I know works well every time. It's very simple and once I get going, I don't need the pattern for most of the knit. However, I'm moving out of my comfort zone with a new pattern and a completely new approach. I usually go 'top down' and knit each sock, individually. This time, I will go 'toe up' and am trying to knit two at a time. Wow ! I'm getting anxious already - as I write.
My pattern is Sockmatician's Toe-Ups.

 At this point, I want to mention that I bumped into The Sockmatician (Nathan Taylor) at Edinburgh - while wandering around the market place. I feel as if I know Nathan because I watch his You Tube episodes regularly. Obviously, he didn't know me. However, that didn't stop me, what a lovely man he is. Very chatty and warm just like his 'You Tube self'. We had a brief but lovely chat and I will always link the sock yarn with our little chat. Check out his You Tube channel with a coffee break.
I have some practice sessions planned re the sock pattern. My anxiety is just about the start point - Judy Beckers Magic Cast On is resommened - so I will practice that first. The other big challenge will be knitting two socks at once. I've tried this before so I know (vaguely) what I'm up for. Last time, I dismissed the technique, quite quickly. This time I will make it happen, no question - I will just keep practicing until I get there !

 I'll keep you posted about my progress on this project. My plan is to spend a little time each day for the next week - as a training period. Hopefully next week, I should be ready to start my socks. I'm looking forward to 'cracking' this one.

Thanks for calling in today.