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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Another Edinburgh Tale

Hi Everyone
Here is my second story from Edinburgh Yarn Festival (from my visit on Saturday).


This is my outstanding (read back yesterday for the other purchases) double purchase and possibly the best ? I went for two different colours of fibre which I'm aiming to use in one garment - a cropped cardigan with 3/4 sleeves. I did have a specific pattern in mind but have seen a few more yesterday and am undecided. I'm definitely going for a cardigan and it will have some kind of small scale lacework or cable pattern. I've plenty of time to think about this one, as I spin my fibre ! The fibre will hopefully turn into lots of light weight dk yarn.
It was quite difficult to decide which colour fibre to go for (on the day) - I was thinking of a deep pink (Knit by Numbers 62) - a single colour Merino.
However, when it came down to it, I went for my usual range of blue and green. My next purchase will definitely be the Knit by Numbers 62 !! I've promised myself this will be after my next two spins have been completed.
I love the colours of my fibre - I'm thinking I will partially combine spinning the two fibres as well as plying a portion but also want to keep elements which are seperate. I'm hoping I can give my final knitted garment a random use of the combined spun yarns. I won't be specifically looking for colour symmetry in the finished cardigan. I've high hopes for this project and am keen to getting. This will remind me of my lovely time at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2017.

Thanks for calling in today.