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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

On my needles

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing a new project on my needles today. I started the knit at the end of last week and it's growing quite quickly. The pattern is called Very Easy Poncho and is a very simple knit.
I'm using some of my own spun and dyed yarn for this project. The original wool for my knit first appeared on the blog here and I had hoped it would be destined for a tunic knit. However, there was nowhere near enough yarn for that job and it was a little too lightweight. I would describe the yarn as light fingering.
The yarn has been sitting in my stash waiting for the right knit to come along and that's where I am now. The pattern for the Simple Ponch seems to be the right pattern. There is not enough yarn to complete the whole poncho so my plan is to spin more. The poncho is a very simple knit, as the name suggests. A long piece of stocking stitch - approximately 100 stitches wide (needles size 5mm), is knitted across the body and joined at either side of the neck. The poncho is finished with an i-cord edge at the neck and the bottom of the garment. 
The new yarn (to complete the knit) is to be a natural dyed Indigo yarn, dyed by a friend of mine. I will get the wool next week and start to spin as soon as possible. My idea is to use the Indigo blue to compliment the remaining part of the poncho stocking stitch and the i-cord edges.


I may also develop more of the varieagated yarn in my photo story to give me more options for the stocking stitch. As the yarn is quite fine, the knitted material is draping beautifully and looks very pretty with all the colours giving a soft green/purple/blue mix. I think,by creating a substantial Indigo section, the poncho will wear well with denim. Previous spins with natural dyed Indigo have produced a particular, soft, Matt yarn which will be perfect.
I will give regular updates on my progress with this project so look out for news.

Thanks for calling in today.