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Monday, 6 March 2017

Project Bags

Hi Everyone
Last week, I talked about making a new project bag. I've been thinking about this 'make' for a while and finally, I'm finally into the development stage. I've done a fair bit of research on the subject and have decided to go for a drawstring version rather than a zip version. I wanted to make the bag from existing stash and this probably gave me more problems than anything else. I've lots of small pieces of beautiful fabric and wanted to use them. I think, I've got a good design which will require a little sewing before I can start the bag. The fabric pieces I've chosen are too small to use as they are - so, I've decided to sew them together to create a couple of larger pattern pieces.
I've taken inspiration from a great design I found on Pinterest from There's a great tutorial available on the blog.


I'm planning on a lined bag with extra pockets and handles with the option to extend the size (upwards). I've divided the project into five smaller tasks which aim hoping will allow a relaxed approach to my sewing. I don't want to rush the job. I'm almost sure there will be modifications along the way but I want the bag to be as good as it can be - in terms of design and quality. I specifically want to use this bag for a sweater size knitting project and if this design works well, I'll make a few more. My first task is to prepare the pattern pieces. I haven't set a timescale as such but I want to create the individual pieces by the end of the week and have the construction process clear.
I'll keep you up to date with developments.

Thanks for calling in today.