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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Yarn Necklace News

Hi Everyone
I've another 'almost finished' project to share today. This time it's my yarn necklaces. This project has been at the centre of the Making Workshop series for the past couple of sessions and last month I shared the initial yarn development for my sample - see top left of photo story. The design of the necklaces have been a bit of a challenge. For quite some time, I've struggled to find something I was happy with. However, the initial results are surprisingly good and I think I'd rather like to wear them.


The collection of images give a taste of the way in which the project has developed. There's lots of detail on the photo story showing how some of the yarn has been used to create the yarn necklaces. The final items are still under development with a range of beads - hopefully they will be completed later today. I think the necklaces could look very good with the right outfit, they seem to act a little like a very small scarf in terms of keeping warm. 
The colours of the hand painted fibres are particularly well displayed in the simple stranded designs. This yarn has been 'over spun' and has a boucle appearance which has informed how I used the yarn for the necklaces. In total, there are four necklaces. I simply kept going until all the yarn had been used. I'm hoping to find outfits which the necklace can seen at their best and will share the images when I get there. 
The Yarn Necklace Making Workshop will take place next week so I'm hoping to have more lovely samples to share. So, more to come on this one. As I develop specific images for each necklace, I will share their specific development.

Thanks for calling in today.