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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Box of Delights

Hi Everyone
Yesterday, the most delightful box arrived via the postman. The box shouldn't have been a great surprise - given that I'd ordered it ! But something about the square purple box that arrived made my heart beat a bit faster. This box was full of lovely individually wrapped mini packages. Lots of different colours and textures and generally a beautiful sight. This box is all about a NEW project which involves spinning. Each little package (20 in total) contains 15gms of wool roving. I thought I'd identified my favourite three packages (see top photo) couldn't find just one ! However, each time I look at the box, I have a new favourite. The little packages have their own descriptive names which is lovely too. I can't wait to get going with spinning them.

The Project is a sample-along with a great YouTube Channel called Tiny Fibre Studio. The channel is quite new and based here in the UK (everything about it is great) and exactly what I need just at this moment in my own spinning journey. I'm also quite new to spinning but try and spin everyday. I've made great progress but I'm ready to try and become a 'purposeful spinner'.This means that I want to be able to spin specific yarn in a specific way for a particular purpose ie a knitting or crochet project.The sample-along project will begin on 1st March 2017 (so I can start ASAP) with a worsted 2-ply as the theme. The sample-along itself will involve spinning the little sample of yarn, plying it and then knitting a small square which will include a mixture of stitches to help see how the yarn behaves. Worsted spinning is done from a combed preparation and my gorgeous little packages are perfect. Hopefully, members of the sample-along will have lots of different experiences which we will discuss and share findings. I'm really excited about this project and feel able to confidently join in !
Here is a quick look at the packages before deciding on which I'm going to choose :


If you are interested in getting involved have a look at  Tiny Fibre Studio on Ravelry for the details.
Just want to mention how Candy from Nunoco on Etsy responded to my request for the little packages of roving (Becks from Tiny Fibre Studio recommend the shop) I messaged her to check if she could provide a box and within an hour I'd placed my order. The order arrived within a few days. Thank you so much Candy. Go and check out her store for more goodies 
I'll keep you posted on my progress with this project over the next few weeks.
Thanks for calling in today.