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Monday, 20 March 2017

Edinburgh 2017 - final word.

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing my last little purchase story from Edinburgh Yarn Festival today. Last week, each day highlighted a purchase and the intended use (read back for more on this). My final purchase is a couple of skeins of Blacker Tamar - Lustre Blend DK in Tiddy Brook and Penpol. The colours are lovely - possibly my favourite colours. I've chosen to knit a beautiful design by Kate Davies from her Yokes book with this yarn. The specific pattern I've chosen is called Buchanan. This is a short sleeved jumper with a lovely patterned yolk and a simple coloured rib pattern around the bottom, neck and sleeves.


I'm using a different colour scheme to that in the photo and need to add at least one other colour to the Tamar skeins, possibly mustard and or off white ? I'm hoping to spin these extra colours, using the Tamar as my sample. 

So, thats it for my latest purchases and their associated plans. I have quite a stack of projects waiting for a series of start dates. I've not
 timescale for these projects but I do want to keep them in my spinning and knitting priority list. 

I've created some individual project labels and am storing each project in a simple cotton project sack. I'm not sure which project will be the first to start ? I'll  choose after my current project has been completed. I'm very excited about using all the products from my Edinburgh purchases. Each knit or spin will remind me of the great time we had at the festival. Can't wait for next years dates to appear !

Thanks for calling in today.