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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Yarn Necklace Workshop

Hi Everyone
We have very exciting Making Workshop today. This is the third and final workshop in a series of three sessions working towards making a yarn necklace 'from scratch'. Our first session was all about spinning and plying raw wool using a drop spindle. The second session concentrated on dying the prepared yarn with food colouring. Our third session will 'play' with the prepared yarn, designing a necklace. We will add beads and/or embroidery threads and possibly more yarn. We also have the opportunity to add extra fibres using dry felting techniques to embellish the ncklaces


I've developed a range of sample necklaces which use a variety of the embellishments previously mentioned. My yarn has a boucle effect ie an over spun look. The resulting necklaces are using the boucle effect particularly and I didn't want to distract from the structure and colours of the yarn. I have used some small seed beads and limited amounts of embroidery thread but I like the simple look of the yarn. I will add to the design and develop some more detail to the necklaces but Im keen to retain the mainly wool necklace.
I'm looking forward to seeing what people come up with in the workshop. I'll take some photos to share.

Thanks for calling in today.