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Friday, 10 March 2017

On my needles

Hi Everyone
I've a new project on my needles - I started a few days ago and have made significant progress. After the initial section, which is beautifully written and clear to follow, I stumbled and struggled to understand what I needed to do ! It seemed to take me forever to work out the pattern. I'm not brilliant at following patterns - for some reason, I find it difficult to work out the most simple instructions ?
However, I've managed to work out what I'm doing and now, its a most enjoyable knit !


The pattern is something I found in the latest version of Wool Tribe 2017 magazine - produced to support the Edinburgh Yarn Festival (which starts today). I'm going tomorrow - too excited about this already !!! 
Back to the pattern, it's a shawl called Belsyde by Renee Callahan. I'm making the shawl in various colours. I'm using dovstone dk in Aire (blue/grey) and Brass Band (mustard) which you can see in my photo. I'm also using a third colour which I will reveal next time - hopefully I will have introduced the new colour by next week. The pattern has a subtle zig zag running throughout the length of the shawl as well as a couple of interesting boarders. The top boarder uses a modern lacework pattern and one side has an angular type scallop pattern, both in contrasting colours - not decided on which colours to use for these elements yet ? My journey to Edinburgh will take a couple of hours so I'm hoping I can make lots of progress 'en route'. I'll share the detail about Edinburgh next week.
I've made a couple of other items in the same Aire dk and love the finished knits. You may remember my poncho and tunic knits - look back for more details and photos. I'm looking forward to wearing my new shawl and am already planning on how I will wear it as well as planning new knits to compliment. I really do need to move on from dovestone Aire !!

Thanks for calling in today. Have a great weekend.