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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Sewing Story

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing yet another project in my very long 'to do' list today. This time it's to do with sewing. I've had a long history of sewing but for the last few years, sewing has taken a 'back seat'. However, I've been inspired by reading  a number of popular sewing blogs such as  Sew Over It and Tilly and The Buttons. As a result, a few days ago, I found myself in a local craft shop and saw a selection of sewing patterns.Among the range of patterns, I found a lovely Merchant and Mills pattern.


When I got home, the only thought was to look at the Merchant and Mills online shop. How wonderful - words fail me. I love everything they sell. More gorgeous patterns and lots and lots of lovely fabric. However, something I need to do NOW - is check on the rather large bag of fabric stash I already have !! 
In addition, I've found a smaller project which will, hopefully, give me a little necessary practice and brush up my sewing skills. This smaller project is to make a project bag for a sizeable 'make' such as a dress or jumper. I have a number of small zip bags and a range of simple drawstring bags but I'm after something larger which is pretty and does the job of organising the projects.
I've been in the habit of working with a single project and then moving on to the next. However, I'd like to start organising my time more efficiently by managing several projects at once. I'm hoping some new project bags will help. 


I'm not sure how many bags I'm going to need ? but I think I like both drawstring and zip style bags - it's just a question of size and deciding on my 'making' schedule ! Hopefully, I have enough stash fabric to start the bag project, I'm hoping to get the first one going this weekend.

Thanks for calling in today. Have a great weekend.

Thanking for calling in today