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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Spin-along - the results.

Hi Everyone
It's my final episode of the spin-along project today. Read back for more blog episodes here and here re the sample-along. I've finally completed my knitted sample of the hand spun wool and blocked the piece I'm very pleased with the results. The yarn works well in my sample, the various stitches are distinct and the texture and colours are beautiful. I decided to crochet a simple slip stitch around the sample and this boarder gives the sample good stability. The yarn knitted and croched well, no splitting of the yarn and generally a smooth knit.


This project is part of the Tiny Fibre Studio spin-along on Ravelry check out the details here .There's a group of people involved in the project and the idea is to share results and learn. I've certainly been surprised at how well my spinning has knitted up into various different stitches. I'm particularly pleased with how the cables look and feel I've learned from the process. I've written up some basic notes about my spin and will work on developing a more detailed record for future reference. My aim is to develop a process of recording and sampling as I develop my spinning skills.
I didn't manage to calculate how much yarn I made from the weight of fibres - I've got some left so will try and resurrect this. My sample was spun from two small 10gm rolls of fibres which have been plyed together. I definitely need a set process for developing my yarn with a tested series of tasks. The final knitted swatch sample is much bigger than my usual swatch and it's good to see a range of stitches included. I guess any sample needs to reflect the specific item being knitted and the knitting pattern will dictate this.
I've certainly changed my mind set about preparing for a hand spun knitted project. Previous attempts have been unprepared and usually, I have just spun some fibre and hoped it would eventually fit a knitted project. The biggest issue for me, in the past, has been how much yarn I need to spin and what weight of fibres I need. I'm hoping I've found a way of planning future projects and am on my way to being a purposeful spinner. I'm looking forward to learning about everyone's experiences from the Ravelry group.

Thanks for calling in today.