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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Socks on my needles

Hi Everyone
I'm announcing a new knitting project today. I've casted on a new pair of socks last night. I have a pair of socks 'on the go', most of the time, so nothing new there. However, this time it's a 'toe up' approach using  Judy Beckers cast on technique. I've tried this a few times and given up. I've also had a bit of a practice last week. My issue has been the untidy result of the initial few rows. I've tried and failed so many times, each attempt has been followed by resorting back to my my usual cuff down approach. The cuff down is easy (for me) I don't need a pattern until a quick reference for the heel and the whole knit runs smoothly, that is UNTIL the toe part needs to be sewn up with the Kitchenor thing ! I hate the Knitchenor thing check it out here . I'm not quite sure why this technique causes me so much trouble ? I need to face my fear and just work on it. With practice, I know I could get it right. In my head, I thought the 'toe up' approach would solve all my problems !!! I seem to have replaced one problem with another.

As you can see from the photo story, I've started and made the toe part. It's not perfect and I'm already thinking about starting again ? I think, I'll give it a few more rows before I make the final decision.
I've joined in the Socmatician Ravelry Group 'sock-along' as a way of focussing my mind on this one. In theory, I've got to the end of the month to finish - which may happen ? I'm using my new stash from Edinburgh, the Sock Yeah ! Coop knits yarn. I've started with the blue (called Benitoit) and will add a few sections of different colours (see back a few days for the different colours). I want to use the same colour yarns for both socks but will not make them exactly the same - I quite like the odd sock look. Each sock will get a number of coloured 'stripes/blocks', depending on how I feel at the time.
My ultimate aim with sock knitting is to knit two socks as once. I wanted to be able to knit both 'toe up' and 'cuff down' easily and get rid of my mental block problems with various techniques ! I know it's about practice. The two socks 'at a time' will have to wait for a while, I need to crack one technique on one sock for now.

Thanks for calling in today.