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Monday, 27 March 2017


Hi Everyone
I'm sharing the results of a great experience over the weekend. A lovely friend arranged a couple of places on a Shibori dying session (for us) on Saturday. We have been talking about Shibori for quite some time and this session somehow appeared on our radar. For those of you that are not familiar with Shibori , Shibori is a Japanese manual resist dyeing technique, which produces patterns on fabric.
 Although, I had a reasonable idea about how to achieve the Shibori patterns, from watching YouTube videos, I had a great time learning and experimenting with the techniques. What a fabulous experience, I loved it. The process was demystified to a certain extent, however, as with all these things - there is much to learn. Ultimately, my plan is to organise a my own dye shed in my very small garden. We do have the actual shed but it needs a complete re design in terms of making it work as somewhere to dye material.
Our tutor (on Saturday) introduced many different techniques for making varied patterns using a natural Indigo bath. My favourite colour happens to be blue so I was very excited to see what I could achieve. I'd already decided that I would take along a piece of white cotton fabric which will eventually become part of a dress. During our session, we were presented with a range of everyday items which helped form patterns on the fabric. Things like wooden flat shapes, pegs, stones, string, cotton, rubber bands and more. The idea is to use these various items to tie and fold around the material to be dyed. The resist that is created by the tying process prevents the dye from seeping into the fabric and the patterns are created after dipping into the Indigo bath. It's quite magical.
Here is a quick look at the Shibori dyed fabric :



I have a pattern in mind for my dress and am wondering if I now need to dye the remaining fabric (currently white) blue ? I think, I do !
Will keep you informed of my progress and the plans for the 'dye shed'.

Thanks for calling in today.