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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Finished Item (almost)

Hi Everyone
I'm almost there - just the buttons to stitch onto my latest knitting project. I've enjoyed knitting the Linnea Tunic, it's a sweater size item but such a simple knit that it seems to 'fly off' the needles. 
Yesterday, I made a range of buttons for the tunic, I still can't quite decide which to go for :


I instinctively go for the striped version but am also drawn to the top right buttons which look like pearl buttons. I'm not sure how I will decide ? I spent most of the evening looking at them (placed them next to me and glanced every now and then) - every time  I looked, I changed my mind. Looking at the photo I'm changing my mind again ! The only buttons I've rejected are the white ones, it's difficult to see but they have a square surface pattern which is very pretty but not for this project.
Here's a quick reminder of the tunic pattern :


At some point, I need to go for a set of buttons - the actual pattern calls for four buttons but Ive just made a single button hole on each side so only need two. Will let you know what decision I make.

Thanks for calling in today.