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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Apple Rules

Hi Everyone
Weather today is glorious - what a change in temperature in the space of a day . I'm in the throws of sorting our house - its going to take months rather than days but the first improvements are evident and very satisfying. I often look at photos of desirable homes - full of taseful and quirky stuff but most of all tidy and ordered and cosy ! I live in a dream world but 'dream on' ! The boys rooms are almost pleasant !! Will need to allocate an hour or so each day to keep on track - as the organisation improves - the whole ambience 'flows' and I work so much better. Can't wait.

I missed working yesterday - so need to pick up my schedule. I use a work journal to plan my work - thought I would share it - this one was started in 2011. I scribble and stick things in it and its a bit like a diary. I date each new entry and make a cloud shape around it ? who knows why ?I try and keep art stuff the focal point but other things creep in. The book is a bit scruffy but I do like the actual process of wrting down ideas.

my current Work Journal

scribbled notes and scraps attached

little sketch of some things for one of the paintings

some pretty fabric - love the beech huts

bracelet bits

 I did manage a few sketches (yesterday) and the ideas for begining a painting.
This sketch (the boat,the floor and the flower vase) will feature with some beech huts in a new painting. Not sure which one - I think Steve Miller (at the moment)
I saw this fabric of the beech huts and thought they would be great in the painting. Not sure how I will use them - perhaps just the basic shape and possibly the colours ? I like the idea of building some huts from thick card - just as a real hut would be constructed.

One very exciting bit of news : This explains why this photos is here : I made a bracelet with these bits last year and tended to wear it almost all the time - then, one day last week, it broke - I've been meaning to repair it but its gone to the bottom of the jobs pile. Thought I would change the style and make it special ? - not sure how but will share when I do. I took this picture because I was trying out yet another new devise - my own i pod. I have an i pad (not had it long) - love it and its revolutionised how I work but needed something to carry around and take photos - must admit this photo is not brilliant but I did take it in the dark (last night). Its fab ie the ipod - I love it. The only thing I need now is a little cover and wallet. I have found the very items  - this will make the ipod truly mine and have its own personality. I can't seem to own anything without the need to decorate it !! Here are my new (to be) cases. Can't wait for them to arrive.

Must get on. Bye for now.
new wallet - love the colour
pretty cover