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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Pretty Gardens

Hi Everyone
Weather not too good today - drizzle !! No more to be said on that.

Art wise things are moving on:

Nigella in her garden
Nigella is a little more developed. I don't like the orange wall so will change that. All the flower elements need to be worked on so that they blend into their space. Generally, I quite like the look . I want to bring in some birds and butterflies into the scene too. Hope to develop a little more today.

Love this image - Caroline Rose has an Etsy shop take a look at her work. The pictures are all bright and uplifting. This caravan is my favourite.

Great chairs !

coloured sketches
Also love this image - its a brooch. Its from Etsy again. Will find out the name of the maker.

These chairs have been recycled - another brilliant shop on Etsy.

I shared some sketches a few days ago and have managed to give them a bit of colour - my plan is to use them as embellishments for a couple of pictures. I have a range of these things - mainly sketched from something I see in a magazine or when out and about. Love to remember the link when they are finally in a painting.
Must do a bit of family shopping today, so am stretched for time. May get some art in during the evening. Hope so.

Bye for now.