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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Sketch for a stamp.

Hi Everyone
weather today is poor - rain and drizzle but warmish. I've been out on my run so weather is good for that - doing other things - not so good. I need the rain to stop now. Not going to happen anytime soon !

Back on my pc and all is well. Not sure what happened yesterday to my blog - I did create it on the ipad but then ? not sure. Need to move on....

This is a sketch I made a few days ago . I had intended to buy a little rubber stamp of a camera (similar to this one). I left it too long and all the stamps had gone. The next best thing was to make one myself. So, I have made the sketch and will carve out the image - I've never been that successful with making my own stamps.I have tried a few times We will see what happens.

package tape print

papersac village inspiration
This image is a mini print I made using packing tape. I talked about doing this a few blogs back. I am very impressed with the results. Will definitely go with this. I did'nt do the nail varnish (acetone) technique - will try later.
On another subject, love this postcard of a town - I'm currently using ideas to improve the much 'worked on' papersac village collection. Will share the latest results soon. I found this postcard in a stash of stuff while attempting a studio 'clean up'. Its a bin bag per day. Not very enthusiastic about this job but it needs to be done.
mood board

This collage picture is the 'mood board' idea - again, I mentioned this a while back and was organised to help develop larger painting projects - linking inspiration points to ideas etc. This is not a brilliant quality image but the idea is great. I'm going to use the system to collage sections of my books and tutorial stuff. Its come from an app in the apple store. So easy to use.

Am also reviewing yet again. This time, I see progress and I'm calling it 'tweaking'. The paintings are coming on and my only area of activity which seems stuck is finding a suitable printing system for the larger prints. I'm on course to get a range of greeting cards printed and some mini cards from MOO. The colour quality of their printed products are fantastic. I have some ideas for framing small cards together. Will share them when they arrive. The shops {ie my shops} are still empty !!! However, must concentrate on the paintings as they are the basis of my work. On that note. Must go.

Bye for now.