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Friday, 11 May 2012

Introducing Barney

Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone
weather today is improving - early this morning the rain has been constant. Now (about mid day) , the sun is breaking through but the ground is very wet so the air feels wet too ! Hope thats it for a while. Rain is not my kind of weather.

Busy, busy day - lots of family sport stuff going on and a birthday party to organise for tomorrow. Just a quick update of a few photos of new work. This is Miss Mitchells sister. She is placed on the board and is in the very early stages of development. I hope to work on this next week - each day I will update my progress and show my techniques.

Miss Mitchells Sister

Also a quick look at Miss Mitchells dog. He will feature in a few paintings. This again is just a sketch showing a few options. He will need lots of development. I really enjoyed drawing him - he will be known as Barney.
Miss Mitchells sister -,over view

Miss Mitchells dog - Barney

More news - I've finally managed to get a list of current paintings together. Unfortuntaly, this list is too small to see on the pc but there are twenty current originals. I will get them into a different format so I can share the information. All will have prints,some greetings cards and a few will have mini cards from MOO which will be framed.

My last bit of news for the week is a new book - I have had bits of projects from this book but am thrilled at the range of things and images in there. The book has lots of felt 'things' - people and places and more...

The characters are a little quirky and bring a smile to me.

The author goes by the blog name of mummysam, she is called Samantha Cotterill. Take a look at her blog - lovely stuff.

Must go - have a good weekend.

Bye for now.