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Monday, 21 May 2012

Even more houses !

Hi Everyone
Weather poor - looks like a downpour any second ! No problem ie the rain - not sure why today ? but my feeling is : Ive lots to do and will just soldier on !
Been out on a run - slow progress but progress all the same.
I wrote this on Friday !! life has passed me by and I didnt get this uploaded over the weekend. Mainly busy with organising our home or to be more precise - chucking rubbish from the bedroom of our boys. Richard and I took a room each (in theory the boys helped too) and spent all day Sunday sorting. Saturday was a bit lazy - catching up on washing and a little shopping. However, here we are on Mon - weather much the same - still a bit cool for May.

 Here are a few photos of progress with the Nigella painting - Steves house is on the wood. Tugger (Nigellas dog) is sketched or is he ? he may not survive - I'm doing a few more options today. Not sure if he will feature in this painting  ?I thought he would - as its in the garden (this would be a place for him to be). Also put Nigellas house on the board - its very dark at the moment and will blend in much more but I'm OK with the initial idea. She is an artist, so I wanted something a bit different. I think Nigella needs to go on next - that will happen today and then I can start merging all the elements.

Steves House
Tugger in sketch - may or may not survive ?

Steves place - outlined

Have included this poster of the town because its how I wanted the town (Old Paper) to look - without the tower blocks and a little more of the feel of a seaside town. I like the busy feel and the 'mix match' of buildings. Will keep going with the town pieces and one day I will get there. The poster is advertising an event - they have a web site full of interesting stuuf and ideas. Worth a look. here
Nigella painting - background

great town look

Thats it for now.