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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Mind Over Matter !

Hi Everyone
weather seems a little dull at the moment - could rain ! Hope not. Am thinking about going for a run. Have not been running for a while and need to start again. I've been suffering with Glandular Fever (long struggle) but now feel I need to get fit again. Its like starting again for the first time. Very frustrating and a mental thing - I realise this but it doesnt help.

On a positive note - I'm feeling optomistic about painting time today - have found a largish bit of wood and am going to prime it. I have some ideas about a ew Miss Mitchell. She is used for so many illustrations and does need a new look. My aim is to think about this while I run.

Am also feeling 'lost' as mentioned yesterday. My little boy (not so little now) but the smallest ! is away on an outdoor trip with school (only three days). He will be fine and will have a great time but ........... - I know its a mother thing but I still feel he is so vulnerable. I know he's a little aprehensive and it shows in his manner (a bit irritated/withdrawn) - its part of his character. As soon as he gets there and he knows whats going on, all will be well. Its just me - how can I cope ? I too, will be fine. A run and some painting will do it.

Shrek characters -see ears !
I've been looking at my pininterest boards this morning and there are some great inspiration photos - here are a few of my favourites to share. The rings remind me of the flowers in my paper fabric piece as well as the ears on the shrek characters. The dolls are great and the button badges are also a favourite
etsy rings - love them
All the photos are from Etsy - the range of stuff there is amazing. I'm going to use these images as inspiration for adding to my new Miss Mitchell. Will share how I use the images and how they translate into my work. Its an interesting experiment for me. I want to get back into technique experiments.

close up of top right

A while ago, I developed some 'paper fabric' - there is something on this blog about my approach (I think). I will find something to explain for tomorow. Anyway the final fabric looked great and I did use it in some work (unfinished as yet). However, maybe now is the time to get it going again.

Here it is. I still like the idea. I was going to add pictures - little minatures of my dolls. However, I'm now thinking about words with some pattern or stamping ? Not sure. Lets see what happens .

Must go and get on with life.

Bye for now
semi developed piece of fabric paper

love the great clothing/hair - colours/pattern work well

fab 'feel' to these simple dolls
great badges