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Monday, 14 May 2012

Does Miss Mitchells sister have a name ?

Hi Everyone
weather report is good today - bit cloudy but warmish. Lets hope the rain keeps away.

This weekend has been a busy family time again - we had a birthday party on Saturday (great time for everyone) followed by a visit to an ice cream parlour (ate the biggest ice creams in the world) and a film (latest James Bond) followed by a local hill walk (in and around Rothbury) and general family chats - the whole weekend together - lovely.

This weeks work will focus on Miss Mitchells Sister. I will reveal a bit about her every day. I hope to show her progress through photos.This is a picture from Friday - just a reminder about where we are now. She is literally in bits of paper, placed on the wooden board. The board has been primed with white and a touch of pink. I've also coloured her face with wax pencils. Thats it so far.
The flowers, I hope, to integrate into the piece and I've some ideas about the background. I was inspired by the skyline from yesterdays walk and thought  I might use these images (from my memory) - I did'nt get any photos. It was so windy, I could'nt get a good steady photo. However, thats it for now. I will jot down the ideas that come to me and try and explain how I develop the painting. My aim is to make lots of experimental sessions come together. We will see how it goes.

Miss Mitchells Sister

Love the flowers - hope to keep the 'ethereal' quality in the final piece.

Must go.

Bye for now.