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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Making more ART !

Hi Everyone
back into the world of the pc - the weather is great today- much brighter and warmer - it is May !

 I'm hoping to get going with some more art today - I've got a lot of organising in our home - we look like we've been burgled ! Total mess everywhere. I also need to prep. some packing for my 'littlest' boy to go on an outdoor activity trip. Does'nt leave much time !

I've been thinking about new art work - I've been looking at a painting in our home which I like and have decided to do another of a similar size. Its a large piece - covers almost a whole section of a wall. The colours are just right - it was used as an inspiration for the room. The painting has very many layers and has quite a number of colours. Its painted onto wood, which I love. Wood gives such a great texture to the final piece. Iwill need a new room if I produce many pinting of this size !

I also need to collate all my paintings/prints for the shops - I have seriously ignored my shops for months ! Must make this a priority. I've sold most of the stuff in the shops and they look empty. Also - whole artistic review - lots of almost finished stuff.
Still, so much to do and so much clutter to 'rid myself from'. So, must get on.

Before I go - take a look at this new suzi blu video-  its all about stamping and much more - techniques and advise included - its a great inspiration and a brilliant update on using colour shading. Suzi has a way of moving me on.

Suzi stuff
Bye for now.