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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Frames Talk

Hi Everyone
Weather has 'turned' - slightly !!! Such a disappointment. Not quite so hot and feels like it might rain.
It has !!The bright side is - my work pattern will be more productive.When it's sunny and hot, it's too tempting to play outside. The result is then loads of house jobs piling up and work get squeezed. I think I could make adjustments if we could have more reliable sun ! But it's too changeable for planning !!!

However, here is my progress with Nigella.

I have also done a month end review of my work journal. Generally,
I've done ok this month. My slight 'dip' is to do with completing paintings rather than under performing. Will try and work on this in June.
I mentioned yesterday that I am trying to update all my painting pictures (digital versions) ready for a print run. My list (painting titles) is quite long - possibly 25 titles (finished).

Another exciting idea - is looking for interesting and different framing options (for paintings). I have thought that many of the paintings are designed to not have a frame but increasingly, I'm looking for unusual ideas for framing. I've found three great box frames which I intend to customise and use as a trio print. I've also seen a great photo in Red Magazine which uses lots of hooks on distressed wood - this has given me an idea to hang some mini wood prints on the hooks and present a 'one piece'. I think it would work with rope hanging too. I also like the 'multi mirror' arrangement. I would like to do this with some frames. Perhaps, with a similar/same frames. I can also see various shaped boards with hooks for holding several smaller paintings or prints. Will keep working on this idea.

I think that's it for now.
Musr go for a run.