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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Fantastic Weather - at last !

Hi Everyone
Weather today is fantastic. I'm sitting on the deck in glorious sunshine - amazing ! There's a touch of a breeze - very welcome too.

Managed to not achieve too much today or yesterday. Nigela's house has a development to the roof - 'decorative eaves'. More to do with it but Ilike the look. I also need to do something with her dress so will concentrate on that for the rest of the day.

Nigella's house
Also saw this lovely sketch of a mountain range - simple but would fit a few of my ideas for paintings. I especially like the patterns ,I can see them in some well chosen colours.

great mountains
My running is going well - its about 10 days 'in' from my rehabilitation. I am quite keen to develop a painting to focus on running. I'm rellay interested on the mental changes which occur through running. I'd like to explore that in my painting. This photo (mentioned last week on this blog) will inspire me. It's an idea for a new character in my work - I think ?

My plan is to use the action of the girl in the picture.

Not much else to report - bye for today.