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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Beach Cottage etc.

Hi Everyone
Weather report is good - not quite hot yet !!!! but it's going to warm up again.Great.
Poor work progress ( for a few days now). Too much home/family stuff going on.

However, I have plans for today - little bit of Nigella and some more stuff on the beach cottage ( not sure if I've mentioned this ?ie the name Beach Cottage ?) I want to add a message coming from the chimney and perhaps some more layers of sea and sky.
I also sketched this little boat - you may notice I lost half of the original boat - the sails are just hovering !.
I will add this too. I like this little painting and when finished I will get the design onto fabric. I may add the beech huts image too - not completed yet (inspiration huts appeared a few days ago - take a look). I want to decorate one of our bathrooms at home and these colours will be great. I think the original will be destined for there.

Beach Cottage

New boat sketch
Big treat - I have the new Oh Comely mag (No. 10) - love it - all the photography and artwork is so inspiring. Certainly worth a look - heres the cover in the image below (for reference). All these other images are from this edition. My favourite has to be the bird scissors - my Granny used to have a pair and I used them as a child - will look out for some - they bring back memories of sewing buttons onto bits of fabric and using the bird scissors to snip the threads. The round 'button - like' things are ceramic pieces, I especially like the insect images - I have a great fly stamp - its reminded me to use it.
The magazine also has lots of 'listen to music' prompts - I have spent ages looking up these new bands on U Tube - didnt find anything especially me - but great ideas from the videos.

Bird Scissors

ceramic pieces

Great movement in these simple images

Edition 10
Thats it for today.