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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Where has it gone ?

Hi Everyone
weather was a bit strange today - warm, sunny (even Summer-like) this morning but later started to cool down quickly and now its raining ! Not to be trusted.
I've been away from my pc for a few days now. I did a draft on the ipad and ? .......... who knows where it is ?
Anyway, a few updates which are not very exciting as I don't have any pictures to share. Will do all this again tomorrow. I've been painting a little - have started about three new things and I've a few developments photos.
Must do better with the integration.
This evening, I've been waiting for my little boy (he as on the beach 'sledging') and working with my work journal. This is where I plan and review all my stuff. I've done quite a bit of finishing and planning details/lists etc. - so it was a good hour long session.
I had some links with some new stuff I'd seen too - I will get there !!!!

Until then, will sign off with this - they sell some amazing deals and todays deal has a link with the pininterest stuff.
The links show whats been done with these little hearts. I'm going to get some. The girl who runs the business (Lyndsay) also has Check it out ideas here.

Bye for today