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Friday, 4 May 2012

Image Transfers

Hi Everyone
Weather improving today - the sky and the ground looked wet earlier but now a bright patch appearing.

Lots of plans today - as usual very little time so am going to try and consolodate researching - I often get sidetracked when interested in something I see on my morining blog trawl. I do value this exercise and its great for inspiration. However, there is a balance ! I often miss this balance ! Here is an example of a positive angle, I love this piece below which use's 'draws' as the basis of a wall display - great idea and so unique with the option to change of modify daily (if thats what you want !). Lovely idea. Will try something similar for my own house. Will share when I have something. The shades of grey blog give details of how it was done. Go take a look. blog link

old chopping board

draw display - fantastic look
Am still working with the new/old bit of wood - here is is - its an old chopping board. Love the idea of the recycle from scratch. Hope to finish the prep today. It will be the new Miss Mitchell painting.

Also going to try this new technique (new to the project) with the paper cloth project. I talked about this yesterday. This photo shows another couple of great ideas from the stitch alchemy book. Its all about transfer techniques (one of my current obsessions) The first technique is tape transfer and the second acetone transfer. Will take some photos as I go to show the developments as applied to my project.

Also as discussed yesterday, I have devised this 'promp board' idea. I think its going to work well. I have a method to get my ideas together and then a record for review and sharing. Just what I wanted to achieve. My only problem is getting it on here. I need a simple transfer. Its an app from my i pad. There will be an answer but as yet I dont know what it is ? Will do a bit of research.

Must go.

Bye for now