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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Houses and more houses !

Hi Everyone
Weather average today lots of heavy cloud and feels coldish and breezy - will have a better idea when I get out on my run.
On the run front, I felt ok for about 5 mins of the run yesterday - managed my usual long stride which makes me feel great (like a runner). This is a unique feeling of euphoria for me and my aim is to strive for the whole run to be like this. I know it can be so as I have achieved this prior to my illness. 'No gain without pain' comes to mind ! Will report on my experience tomorrow.

Art talk - have done a little more to Nigella's painting. The photo (1) is poor but you can just see I have an island behind the garden wall with a bit of sea and some steps going down from the house (shape). Hopefully the house will move on today. I've also decided Steve (Miller) will live on the island and have already sketched a house for him. Also have Tugger in sketch. Feel like I've made progress. I've placed the items on the background here (2) - again not brilliant to see all the elements. I think they will stand out more when Nigella is stuck down. Hopefully that will happen today - I've delayed this layer ie the sticking down of the doll a little, to make sure there is enough going on in the background to pick out in subsequent layers. I often find myself hiding good elements without thinking through the final look and regretting it ! I did expect to keep with this cream/neutral feel but am gravitating already to bright colours ! Not sure if this is good or bad or just poor self discipline !


On another matter, I've seen this lovely pink thing for my i pad - love it. Not sure that I need it but its in the post ! Just thought I would share this exciting news.

lovely !

inspiration for Steves house

Also seen this great picture of houses - a bit like the village houses. I've been inspired to make Steves house from the one on the far left. Its a Pininterest repin (see the name of the person in the photo for reference). Love the striped roof and the collage fabric effect. I've drawn the house but am tempted to collage the bits with patterened paper ? Not sure. I love the stitched writing on some of the houses. Will use this idea in my work somewhere.

The photo (3) is just showing how I have planned Nigellas house. This will be my initial plan - who knows what will happen. Will share tomorrow

Bye for now