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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Is it Nigella or 'Nig' ?

Hi Everyone
Weather changeable - one minute showers, the next sunny - slightly breezy.

Just been looking at some tweets and I follow Lauren Laverne - she has a column in a well known newspaper and is talking about running. I was more interested than usual as I'm struggling with my fitness at the moment. I like running very much but since my glandular fever I've been trying to get fit and back into my daily run. Its only about 2/3 miles but sets the day for me. However, its not going good and I'm highly frustrated with my progress. Anyway, Laurens piece made me smile go tweet link take a look guardian piece- the pictures are suggestions for new 'must have ' kit. I like them all but quite outside my usual bugget for running kit. Lauren has a theory !
run in style
Back to art talk - as planned I've got Miss Mitchells Sister going - she is to be known as Nigella (as in cook godess). Nigella Mitchell likes cooking and she is a writer/painter. She also has a dog called Tugger. So far, thats her story.

Here she is in her garden 'to be'. I'm incorporating the tape transfer technique here on the small pictures. I've done some but will add them later in the layers. Today,I'm hoping to get some idea of the background and perhaps get Nigella on the wood. Fingers crossed ?

Nigella in her almost garden

min flowers awaiting tape transfer

tools for the transfer technique
I like the colours so will keep them - the dress pattern has bit of orange so will enhance this.

I'd like to get a house going for Nigella too. I have an outline so am hopefull this will add to the papersac village work. My new tack on the village is to produce individual houses for the characters and then collage them into a bigger piece. I feel this will work better. The village has suffered for weeks and needs to be re invented. This idea should do it.

I think thats it for now.

Bye until tomorrow.