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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Not so pretty !

Hi Everyone
Weather seems to be much improved today. I'm rather unsettled as my little boy is going away for a few days with school. He will have a great time. He excels in the countryside and takes on a new confident 'self'. Still, makes me a bit of a lost soul !!!! Art will be my medicine.

I,ve been routing around the garage for bits of wood, prompted by a memory of a painting in a nearby country house which is clearly using floorboards (rather warped now). I often think of this painting and must go and review it. I may go later tomorrow ? Not sure if I have time. Anyway, the point is, I am going to try the floorboard approach for myself. This is to be 'the medicine'.

I came across these funny little things a few days ago - I like the 'dolls' and am inspired to do something similar with one of my doll paintings. Will share my results. They are not pretty but they are cute. I will try something a little less shabby ( I think ? )

Here is another - they are great and must take forever to make.

I've written this bit of the blog now (much later in the day) while experimenting with the i pad again - just in case you were wondering where this bit fits with the following. Its an added extra - just for today.

Bye again