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Monday, 28 May 2012

Garden inspiration !

Hi Everyone
Yet again, another lovely day today - weather been fantastic all weekend.We (Richard and I) spent most of the weekend in the garden - trying to make-over the front area. The boys played with friends and avoided gardening at all costs. Hard going - as its been ignored for most of last year. Feels great now. I made a little 'beech-like' border with alpines and grasses - replanted from the back garden. A little more to go but worth the effort. Here are a few photos

Today, I'm concentrating on taking photos of my paintings ready for a big move on prints. I have a friend who does this professionally and I've finally managed to make contact and do something about it. I want a batch of stuff and am going to spend all week concentrating on this job. I hope to have a complete new print run by this time next week.
Last weeks work was very poor on quantity . The bit I did worked well but life got in the way. Hopefully, progress this week.

Saw a lovely picture in Red Mag which I will take inspiration from (along with the results of my 'beach' garden). Love these ladies in their dresses and hats.

Inspiration dresses and poses
The dressess and shoes have great shapes and the models brilliant poses. Will definitely use this idea.

Thats it for today.