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Friday, 25 May 2012

Old Paper Town Revitalised

Hi Everyone
weather is fantastic again. Lovely sunshine and bright blue sky's - long may it last. Life seems so much more enjoyable when the weather is warm and sunny.
Work has suffered ! I did a little of what I'd planned yesterday and I will continue with completing it today. I've also had another idea for some fabric - amazing as the painting caused me so many issues. However, I'm so pleased to turn this around. Perhaps it's a lesson in keeping faith with my own instincts - especially where my art is concerned. I've taken elements of the Old Town painting and repeated in lines. Here are the initial images of the elements - I'm not sure about which ones to go with but here are the photos of my starting point. If you read this blog regularly you will recognise the images. Look back for more on this one.

These dolls look great together - I will get the final fabric to be images sometime next week. My idea is to blend these dolls with their backgrounds to form a block look. I'm excited to see how it turns out.

Meanwhile, my main focus is on completing 'live' paintings and getting them to a point where I can produce prints. My shops need stuff !!!!!

I'm off for my run . Bye for today .