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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Nigella has a house.

Hi Everyone
Weather today looks great - blue sky and fresh ! Someone, yesterday, asked me why I add a mini weather report each day ? The answer is : readers from Europe asked me to do this a while ago plus I do think the weather check adds a certain mood and gives me 'a frame of mind' each day. Looking back at my posts - this is reflected !! Scary !! Also, I did'nt add the report a few times and was asked why don't you add the weather ? Its now a habit.

Lots of things on my 'to do' list (as usual ) - top of the list is Nigella Mitchell and her new painting. I've made some progress but still lots to do.

The photos give an idea of sequence (the numbers show stages to date) and development - eventually I will sort and compile for another book but until then, I will continue to log here.
the board 'prepped' and ready (1)

added a space for her house plus
some depth for the sky/background (4)

a sketch which I made into a house template
(from a bit of junk mail - love
this idea ie using junk !) (3)

Nigella and lots of flowers pre background (2)
All the photos are working progress and may not stay in the format as seen.Ive added the bits I have to date but may change with each layer of the painting. Am not sure if Nigellas dog (Tugger) will be in this work - will aim to draw him today.

Steve Miller

Edward Lear - love his hair
I've also done a very quick sketch of Steve (Miller) - not sure if he will stay like this and can't decide who he is or where he fits in ? How exciting ! - ) only for me, of course ) I do need to get out more. I will work on his character. I think he needs a 'love' interest with one of the girls.

I've included the sketch of Edward Lear because I like his hair and was hoping to use this style. He reminds me a little of  Elsie Larsons husband (Jeremy) too - I like his style - so may combine the two. This photo is very formal - its their wedding. Happy Anniversary too - they celebrate one year. But lots of pictures of him are casual and quirky. I need to do some research. He's a musician too - I like that idea for Steve - perhaps he could be in a 'cool' band ?
Elsie's husband - Jeremy

Thats about it for now.