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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Am I allowed to paint - tomorrow ?

Hi anyone
been so busy today - its 8.30pm and I'm only just in from a day working out of my studio. Am exausted. Not noticed the weather all day but at times its been very dark and rainy - we needed to put lights on most of the afternoon.
Still, a productive day with lots of new ideas and projects lined up. I have been thinking about all the books I'm currently involved with and behind with too ! - Tomorrow will need to be a review day.
Thank you too a very kind person from Belgium (best not name her - I've not asked her permission) who bought some of my tags in the Etsy Shop - she has left such a lovely comment - its made my day.
I'm also going to start dressing my advent tree on Thursday and have my first idea already - will share the picture when I add to the tree.
I'd rather like to spend the whole day tomorrow painting but I feel its not going to work as the teachers are on strike and the kids will need entertaining ! - at one time, I could persuade them to paint along but not anymore ! Both boys like drawing and painting (unless there is an electronic game to play) but they dont like me to 'zone out' and draw myself - will have to sneak an hour or so, if I can. Will I be allowed to paint tomorrow ? - will let you know.
On a rather sad note - I've justy been reading about Suzi Blu and the recent death of her father. She has been such an inspiration to me and ulimately convinced me to be 'an artist'. Go and take a look at her blog and leave a comment..Suzi blog

Bye for now