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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Day 8 and a bit of a hiccup !!!

Hi anyone
its a lovely bright day now - was a bit dull and damp earlier but the suns out and it interfering with my photos again ! (not complaining). I had thought this morning - what a great day for photos - its a measure of how far I've come in the photography stakes !! - a way to go obviously but ....................... one day ! even without a proper camera.

 Its Day 8 and today we have a Gift Voucher Card.
Again, I'm using the Christmas Wood Collection you can see some of the other items in the background.
 The voucher card is hand finished with extra stars and glitter dust and has the little house image on both back and front.
 Inside the card, I've put a papersac shop voucher (this could buy you a commission) to illustrate but the card will take any standard size voucher or bank note or anything else which would lie flat inside the card.
mini tag attached to the card
 I have attached a little tag to personalise the card with a special message.
 Each card has a handcrafted envelope made specifically for this card - this is a favourite of mine ie the handcrafted card with images reflecting the cards inside. I love this idea and anyone who knows thepapersac will recognise this signature thing about thepapersac. I've always liked the idea of the heavier envelope landing on the mat and being very different from most other envelopes in terms of the 'feel'. A minor thing, but I see it as part of the luxury of a handcrafted card. Its very easy to make these individual envelopes- I think it makes receiving the package such a special experience.
voucher card plus the handcrafdted envelope
 I also spent some time yesterday,developing the new Russian Christmas theme - thought it was OK last night but not so sure now, will look again after lunch and decide what to do.  A while ago, I would have been hugely disappointed in this realisation. However, its quite a positive lesson in working through these 'hiccups' - I know, I can change it, so I'm reinforcing my ability to assess what I'm trying to do - quite an enpowering experience - I'l keep that with me for the whole day - hugely uplifting.

Bye for now