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Friday, 11 November 2011

Make a comment !

Hi anyone
another very damp and rather dark morning - definite cold wind. Still waiting for the comments to win the 'List 'it' tool !! - maybe today ?
dress-up collection - first mood board

@home collection - mood board
I've put together the second 'mood board' for my christmas offer - will certainly refine and add to it but it's getting me there for colours and textures and gives a feel of the alternative look. I have both boards together here to compare.
The christmas prep items will be in the shop day by day- the first day is ready to go in tomorrow (a bit earlier than my original date) but sooner is better. Loads of christmas stuff to buy everywhere - I will be trying to get my own shopping done asap - already got my prep stuff from my own stock (all prototype items for the shop) so feeling very smug !

 ANOTHER REMINDER of the 'List it' tool offer. This could be yours :

Bye for now - make that comment now !