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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Just add a comment to win.

Hi anyone
I seem to start my blogs with a weather report - I do this because just before my first word I look to my left and out of the window. I like to set the scene so will keep it up for now. So. here goes - its a little wet/damp but clearing the sky has visible clouds and in the distance a big thick layer of rain ! not sure if it will blow over to the sea or come here ? Quite mild though.

Also got some pictures of the free gift to mark the begining of my 12 days of Christmas Prep @ thepapersac. Here it is
board without any list notes just to see the picture
with the list notes on the hook
I've got lots of pictures of the new baby but have chosen these ones just to give a good idea of the item. I'm calling it 'a List it tool' - the idea is to use it to mark up any shopping or Christmas wish lists or thoughts or plans etc. while preping for Christmas.
I live my life in lists - there is a list for most things everyday in all my routines. I rely totally on writing these lists which then become things in my pocket or bag when I go to shop or meet or coffee etc - little 'aide memoirs'. The best thing with this design is that each individual list (paper strip) pops onto the pretty board on the hook (not sure if its clear on these pics) so I can add or anyone else can add to it as its diplayed in the kitchen/diner.
The gift List it design has a sort of Christmas scene but not over the top and fits quite well in my space although its a bit too blue for me (I'm going to do a green one for me) My husband Richard said he would leave a comment on the blog to go into the draw and win the List It back because I liked it - not sure thats in the spirit ?
displayed on my wall in the kitchen/diner - ready for action

back view
 This is the back - these hooks can slip over tiny nails or keep the ribbon to hang as above. When Christmas has gone - it maybe better to remove the Christmas style ribbon for next year.
close up of the list it wording

Hope you like the tool - to help get you going for Christmas prep. Just add a comment and you will go into the draw - to take place on November 25th 2011.
Will start with the 12 days of Christmas Prep @thepapersac 12 days before that.

Bye for now.